Visiting the factory is by far the best way to determine suitability. This enables you to assess first hand the quality of equipment, production capacity, the quality of the factory workers, view the sample room and evaluate the internal quality control systems. You'll also be able to negotiate pricing and payment terms directly with those in authority.


Why Use Midan Global?


Planning a factory tour is time-consuming and requires careful preparation weeks in advance. Midan Global will complete the important planning tasks - saving you valuable time and energy.


Midan Global Will Ensure You:


  • See the most factories possible in the shortest period of time
  • Have a list of several suppliers to visit, all of whom have been pre-qualified to ensure you don’t waste your time on unsuitable factories
  • Do not have to worry about arranging transport, hiring a translator, arranging accommodation, airport picks ups or travel to and from factories
  • Have an account manager to accompany you to all trade fairs


Services We Provide:


  • Airport pickup
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Factory introductions
  • Factory tours (including translation service, price and order negotiations)
  • General transportation (taxi / train / long distance bus / flight)